Wednesday, April 2, 2008

America: home of the brave land that i love essay

America: home of the brave land that i love essay

Home of the brave, and land of the free, but our nation truly has more depth than that. Our nation, built by many different peoples, continues to grow culturally and mature as decades pass. In this way we strive for a national identity that is largely founded on what people had and have brought from their old country, as well as what we have made our own from evolution and creativity. It was from that where America gets its uniqueness, but not just from this. Our unique qualities aren�t just from our different backgrounds merging into a large collage, but also from how we have to set ourselves apart. It was the brave, rebelling people that fought for independence, having their own ideas, such as all men are created equal where our uniqueness was born.

America today continues to see more and more hurdles as we grow as a nation where only time will be able to let us find answers, while continuing to bring more obstacles along with it. For me, America brings inspiration, pride, and enchantment in all that it can offer, and yet I know that we will come to see so much more, grow and change, always reaching for the horizon, having so much farther to go, always evolving in our identity with warmth, pride, and freedom. Again and again we continued to face challenges, and still do until this day, continuing for all time. for if all men were created equal, then slaves would have to be too. Times are rapidly changing, and it is in this time that we may need to reflect back onto ourselves to see who we are to help guide us through the times; but isn�t that something which we have always been able to do well? Change, grow, accommodate, and evolve?

We are looked on by the world and often cutting the path for others to follow. As a nation we continue to change, capable of being a totally different nation, lead by ever-changing beliefs and guided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as the will and virtue of the people. These ways allowed great opportunity for our people, as well as for the ones to come, giving us the nickname of �The Land of Opportunity�, granting so much more than so many other places. This may have been one of the greatest hurdles we have encountered in finding ourselves, resulting in a civil war, fighting for hat America was to be. We are an admirable world leader, a model for others; however, we have yet to come anywhere near perfection, that being something imaginary. Pride in knowing what it offers to its people, welcoming more to come. From each problem we learn a little more about ourselves, of whom we are as a nation. I look at our nation, at what it has become, with great pride. We have come a long way with so much more yet to come.

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